Canada (Eh) and The Rocky Horror Xmas Show

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These should technically be separate posts but my brain does not function that way. So.

From December 28th to January 11th I’m gonna be in effing Canada (eh)! I’m turning 20 on January 2nd and wanted to do something somewhat awesome, and what could be more somewhat awesome than freezing my ass off in America’s hat? And I can drink there! Woo!

(Dearest Facebook: Please do not be alarmed by what will surely be an excessive amount of drunken photos flooding my feed during this time).

Anyway! I am craaaaaazy stoked and I’m totally bringing back ketchup flavored potato chips for everyone. I still have some serious preparing to do including buying a bunch of crap, doing something about my damn head (hair) and, most importantly getting me some expedited passport.

Stuffs I gotta get. Minus coat, which is already acquired and also awesome.

This is where the trouble comes in.

Naturally the government doesn’t want anyone leaving ever, so getting an expedited passport is unnecessarily difficult. I am going to have to get my ass up to LA sometime between the 14th and 20th Monday-Friday, and get one then. The trouble is my lack of transportation. Right now I am weighing the overall unpleasantness of riding a Greyhound then 2-3 buses up there against the cost of taking the train and possibly a cab. It is all a huge pain in the ass. If anyone feels like riding the bus up there with me (to either help prevent me from getting mugged [strength in numbers?] or make me feel better by getting mugged as well [misery loves company?]) or drive me up there, that would be effing amazing. I will totally pay the gas and buy you lunch. Srsly.

Anyone who can’t accompany me but still wants to give me birthday whatevers, money towards the trip is awesome, or anything in that crap-collage. It doesn’t have to be that exact thing (minus the boots and mothafuckin yeti hat), but, y’know, similar whatevers.

For my birthday/x-mas my family is doing a Rocky Horror themed party; like y’do. So. We’re gonna watch the movie, and, of course, come in costume. Right now I am torn about who to be. Of course my first thought was Riff Raff, since he’s great, but now I’m realizing that he might be a bit difficult for me to pull off. Convincingly, at least.  My next best choice is obviously Frank, but he has too many great outfits to choose from!

Why not Magenta or Columbia? In my family I’m pretty sure there’s already a good chance that we’ll have at least 2 of each. And it could come to blows about who pulled the characters off better. My money is on my uncle, Lance, as either.

Here is a doodle breakdown of my options. Because it is goddamn 3-something in the morning and I either have to be drawing or cleaning my room (it is little coincidence that I write this as I am preparing to get back into polyphasic, and so need to be awake during fucked up hours).


Ok. I was originally going to do a sketch of each costume I’m contemplating, but considering that I’ve just finished one and it’s been over an hour and a half (though to be fair this also included playing with lipstick and a dance number by yours truly), I think I’ll just put up the one that’s done, and add the rest later. Friggin’ enjoy.

No, I was not joking about the lipstick.


I was not joking about the dance number either, but don't have photographic evidence.






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