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I need to start eating like a human again. Re-adapting to this sleepy thing has made me really lazy about food. Today I learned that ramen noodles, melted chocolate, a smoothie, and a latte do not a balanced diet make.

Who knew?

Anyway, in other news. Life is weird and I have all kinds of random ghosts from my past contacting me out of nowhere. It’s cool but also makes me feel a little bit like I’m in the twilight zone. Had a fun time hanging out with an old..uh..friend(?) at the beach at 2 a.m. There were rats all over the place, it was nutty.

Oh, and new sewing machine. But more on that later. (anyone want to teach me to sew?)

K, that’s all for now because I need a nap time.

P.S.- Buy me groceries.

P.P.S. – Nobutsrsly.


Notes on Dymaxion Sleep: Days 1 & 2

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Let me just start of by informing you that this schedule is INSANE. You do not know what it means to be tired until you’re so exhausted that while sitting down you can fall asleep within 30 seconds of closing your eyes if you happen to get too comfortable.

Anyway, I’m starting Day 3 right now and so far I’m doing ok. There have been at least a dozen times in the past two days where I just wanted to say, “Screw it all,” and give this thing up. But I gave myself a minimum of two months and I’m sticking with that. I screwed up on the first night/second morning and overslept. I’m sort of disappointed but I also know that it’s pretty inevitable when you undertake something like this. Unless I have someone standing by at all times to forcibly get me out of bed, I can expect to occasionally oversleep. The odd thing about it was that I didn’t feel at all more rested upon waking up.

It’s definitely much harder to stick to this schedule at night. Humans are diurnal, the sky gets dark and it flicks a switch in our brains telling  us it’s bedtime. Only sleeping for 20-30 minutes at 4 a.m., having slept for just an hour and  a half up until that point is not something that’s easy to get your body on board for.

But there was something else that contributed to me screwing up that first night. I hadn’t really been eating the way  I should for this schedule. In drastically altering my sleep schedule, my eating schedule should be changing too. The first day I was eating like I would at any other time- two meals a day plus a couple of snacks. What I’ve started doing since then is eating every time I wake up from a nap. I bought some granola bars and one of those pre-cooked chickens you can get at the grocery store, so that as soon as I get up I can get some calories into me to up my energy. Hopefully this will also help to keep my metabolism somewhat in check, since I know of at least one person who’s had a problem with that when switching over to polyphasic.

Day 1 was also pretty bad as far as mental alertness and just overall drowsiness. At the store I tended to get distracted by shiny objects, come close to bumping into people, and randomly pick up pirate piñatas to carry around the store with me (although this is something I might do anyway). I also had a lot of trouble carrying on a conversation and remembering things. All of this had improved by day 2, and I’m hoping that today I’ll feel even better. Oh, there was also one small hallucination on the first day. No biggie.

I sometimes find myself resetting my alarm in my sleep because sometimes it’s just too hard to wake up. I’m considering shortening one of my naps to 20 minutes and adding a 5th nap in sometime at night before my 10pm nap. This is when I start to feel myself going downhill, and having an extra 20 minutes at 9  or 9.30 could be helpful.

The things that I’ve found that help me so far: music, showering, eating regularly, and videos. When I’ve had my laptop handy upon waking up, I’ve put something on from Hulu to hold my attention enough for 25 minutes to actually get me up. This has been pretty effective so far.

From what I’ve read and watched on video logs, switching to polyphasic should be a little easier starting today or tomorrow. I really hope this is accurate, because if it keeps on like this I don’t know how I’ll make it the next two months. Wish me luck?

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